Penalties For Drug Possession In Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the top five states in the United States with the worst drug possession penalties, with officials pursuing the maximum term. Suppose drug possession charges are brought against you in Louisiana. You must understand how the crime is prosecuted and the maximum punishment depending on the drug category.

Remember that every drug possession and trafficking case in Louisiana is considered a serious drug crime. After being arrested, you could be in a jail cell in a matter of hours, and if convicted, you stand to serve up to ten years in prison on a single drug possession charge. If you commit multiple drug charges, you might face up to forty years in jail!

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What Are The Penalties For Drug Possession In Louisiana?

1. Louisiana’s Drug Possession Laws Are Strict

Did you know Louisiana has some of the country’s strictest drug possession laws? Unfortunately, their drug possession laws can be just as oppressive. If you’re discovered with even a tiny amount of illegal marijuana, you might face a two-week jail sentence and a $300 fine. If caught with more significant amounts of drugs, you might face a penalty of up to 40 years in prison!

2. Possession Of Any Amount Of Drugs Leaves A Permanent Mark On Your Record.

According to the state’s drug laws, getting caught with any illicit substance in Louisiana is a misdemeanor or crime. In addition, it implies that any amount will leave a mark on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

Because of the severity of the state’s drug possession penalties, you must treat drug possession accusations seriously. Therefore, getting caught with drugs is a serious matter that necessitates the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

3. Louisiana Has A Three Strikes You’re Out Rule Policy

A “three strikes and you’re out” rule applies, in which the third violation becomes a crime. It is not something you want to happen! People can see these marks on your criminal record if you have them. People will be able to know that you have drug charges if you apply for a job, try to buy a house, or receive a loan. It isn’t looking good!

Even if the cop who arrests you tells you not to worry about such a minor charge, you should get the services of a criminal defense attorney who can help you minimize the consequences.

4. Heroin Laws in Louisiana

Unfortunately, the country is currently experiencing a heroin crisis. Heroin is one of the world’s most addictive and dangerous narcotics. As a result, the penalties for possessing it are more severe than those for other opioids.
Even a minor possession charge will result in a minimum of four years in prison with hard labor, rather than a few days in jail and a small fine. The fines that come with it will be significantly higher as well.

5. Medical Marijuana

Louisiana has recently allowed the use of medicinal marijuana for people with serious medical problems. As a result, laws regarding the possession of marijuana if you have a medical condition have changed. However, the penalties will still apply if caught with any illegally obtained marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Go Into Deciding Whether A Drug Charge Is A Misdemeanor Or A Felony?

A drug charge is punishable by hard labor and is considered a felony. For example, anyone convicted of possessing less than two grams of cocaine faces a jail sentence of a maximum of two years, with or without hard labor. In addition, they might potentially be fined up to $5,000. On the first conviction of a simple marijuana possession offense involving 14 grams or less, the offender faces a maximum fine of $300, a maximum sentence of 15 days in the Parish jail, or both. The only distinction is that simple possession of marijuana does not require hard labor. As a result, it’s a misdemeanor.

If Police Suspect A Drug-Related Offense, Can They Search A Vehicle Without A Warrant?

Without a warrant, an officer can search a car if he has probable cause to believe narcotics are present and there are exigent circumstances.

If I’m charged For A Drug Crime, Should I Hire An Attorney?

You should always seek counsel if you believe you are being investigated for a crime. In the event of a trial, you cannot use the fact that you hired an attorney against you. Whether or not you engage a lawyer early on will make no difference to a judge or jury; by giving helpful information or negotiating with the police officer, hiring an attorney before arrest may prevent you from being detained.

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